An eco-certified, plantbased test winner without DEET!

Sjö&Hav provides the outdoor market with a modern mosquito and tick repellent, also effective against several biting and blood-sucking insects such as gnats, horseflies and deer flies. Sjö&Hav Mygg + Fästing Spray became Test winner a few years ago in an independent mosquito repellent consumer test conducted by a well known Scandinavian research and test company, Testfakta. The active ingredient, Citriodiol® originates from genuine organic lemon eucalyptus oil, which is grown and harvested under sustainable conditions. There are studies that prove lower toxicity and skin absorption compared to 20% DEET-products.

• Plantbased and DEET free
• Lower toxicity and skin absorption
• Produced under sustainable conditions
• Recommended for younger children (from 3 months*)
• Readily biodegradable


The product is effective for up to 6 hours. So why buy multiple products when one is enough? Our repellants are effective against mosquitoes and ticks, as well as horseflies, gnats and deer flies which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The product also protects against tropical mosquitoes that might carry diseases as malaria, dengue or zika. Two applications per day are recommended. Roll-on or spray onto exposed skin and spread out by hand. Wash hands after application. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Children, pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers

*At the moment, age recommendations vary within Europe. In Germany and The Netherlands the repellents are approved for use on babies from the age of three months. In Great Britain, it’s 6 months and in Sweden our recommendation is from 3 years of age. There are no specific recommendations during pregnancy as it’s considered unethical to carry out studies on pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. It may though be beneficial to use a repellent with proven low toxicity and low skin absorption. The repellant can be applied to clothing, shoes and equipment since it doesn’t cause permanent stains. 

Spray or Roll-on Creme?

Spray and Roll-on Creme have the same effect but different areas of use. The Roll-on has a slightly lower skin absorption of 3% compared with the spray of 5%. The spray is useful when hiking in the forest and countryside. The roll-on is easy to carry in a lighter pack or handbag during summer’s outdoor evening events.

  • Mosquito & tick repellent spray

    13.95 EUR

  • Mosquito & tick repellent roll-on

    12.95 EUR

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