Common questions and answers

Below you will find a selection of the most common questions we receive about our products. You will find both questions and answers about Mosquito+Tick and our other assortment. If you don’t find the answer to your particular question, contact us by sending an email to and we will make sure to answer you as soon as we can.

Where can I buy Sjö&Hav’s products?

You can always buy products in our webshop, we deliver within the EU.
Apoteket (pharmacy in Sweden) has our products for sale all year but during the winter – our low season – it’s not always easy to get hold of the products in stores, that’s why we need to refer you to our webshop.

You can also find our products in many physical retailers and chains around Sweden. We would recommend the stores of Naturkompaniet, Alewalds, Apoteket AB and Kronans Apotek.

Most of our assortment are also available at well-stocked ICA-stores (grocery stores) in coastal areas, at our fine Archipelago merchants. We also recommend well equipped boat accessory stores such as SeaSea, Erlandsons Brygga and Hjertmans.

We have many small retailers scattered all over Sweden and if you need even better guidance, contact us at and tell us which product you’re looking for, which city you’re in and we will guide you to your nearest retailer.

Within the EU we work with distribution in Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. Here are some stores/chains that we recommend that sell our products. Local variations of assortment and availability apply.

Finland: Partioaitta, Scandinavian Outdoor (Helsinki)
Norway: Naturkompaniet
Germany: Bergfreunde GmBH Camp4 Berlin BlueSky Sport – und Freizeitausrüstung Hannover
The Netherlands/Belgium: AS Adventures

Can I use Mosquito + Tick on my dog, cat or horse?

Unfortunately, we cannot give recommendations for use on animals as we only have a registration for use on humans. Mosquito and tick repellents are registered and classified pesticides. Consult a veterinarian in the first instance for proper consultation. However, we say that if it works on humans, it probably also works on animals, but that’s the owner’s own responsibility if you want to try it on your animal.

An alternative is to spray on a handkerchief and tie around the animal’s neck. The product has a menthol effect that feels unpleasant around the mouth and eyes, so watch out for these areas. Licking small amounts is not dangerous, but it tastes bad and can certainly be experienced as unpleasant.

Can I use Mosquito + Tick if I’m pregnant?

For ethical reasons, no tests are performed on pregnant women, therefore there are no specific recommendations in this context. Studies show that our repellent has low toxicity and that very little of the product is absorbed through the skin, about 3% (compared to DEET, about 20%). If you want to avoid direct skin contact, the repellent can be sprayed or rolled over clothing and equipment without causing permanent stains. These product features can be considered advantages when you choose mosquito and tick repellants as a pregnant woman. It is not dangerous to ingest small amounts, but the repellent has a very unpleasant and menthol-like taste.

Can I use Mosquito + Tick on my kids?

In Sweden, Mosquito + Tick are recommended for use on children from three years of age. The recommendations currently vary within the EU countries, so the same wording and content have an age recommendation from the age of three months in the Netherlands and Germany. Studies show that our repellent has low toxicity and that very little of the product is absorbed through the skin, about 3% (compared to DEET, about 20%).

If you want to avoid direct skin contact, the repellent can be sprayed or rolled over the clothes without it causing permanent stains. These product features can be considered advantages when you, as a parent, have to choose mosquito and tick repellants for your child. Be careful to avoid having the product on your child’s hands as it is easy for them to accidentally get it in their mouths and on their lips. It’s not dangerous to ingest small amounts, but the repellent has a very unpleasant and menthol-like taste.

Why does it say “Maximum application 2 times/day on the Mosquito + Tick bottle?

Our product is plant-based (free from DEET) and has very low skin absorption. There is no danger in wearing it more than twice a day. However, as product owners, we must have such writing in consultation with the reviewing authority (Kemikalieinspektionen) to guide consumers and avoid overdose.

I’m afraid of injections and I don’t want to be vaccinated against TBE. Is it enough to use Mosquito + Tick?

No, it does not. We recommend everyone to get vaccinated against TBE. Tick ​​repellants are not an alternative but a good complement and protection against the bacterial disease Lyme disease, which cannot be vaccinated against.

If Mosquito + Tick is as “natural” as they claim, why is it a pesticide?

All products sold in Sweden as mosquito and tick repellants must be registered with the Chemicals Inspectorate and, with the support of properly conducted studies, be able to demonstrate sufficient efficacy. Our repellent contains an active* sourced from organic lemon eucalyptus oil and it’s the only approved plant-based active in the EU and the USA. Our active* is therefore more closely related to essential oils such as citronella, lavender and tea tree than synthetic substances such as DEET and Icaridin.

*active is a name for the content that gives the product its function.

Why do you use content that’s not considered good for humans and the environment according to blogs and texts online?

It’s easy to confuse SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) with SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). We do not use the controversial SLS in our surfactant products. We’ve used another surfactant, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, abbreviated as SLES. It’s milder than SLS and is considered a better alternative for people and the environment. The surfactant is, after all, debated, which is good because then the research moves forward.

If you remove one ingredient, you need to add another. According to the research, there’s currently no equally proven, tested and overall better alternative to SLES. We therefore choose to use SLES until an even better alternative has been determined. The same applies to our position regarding the ingredient Phenoxyethanol. An independent EU committee for consumer safety has developed a limit value of 1.0%, which isn’t exceeded in our products. In matters such as these, it’s our policy to adhere to EU directives and recommendations from environmental labels such as Good Environmental Choice and the Swan.

Are your products vegan or tested on animals?

All our cleaning products are vegan, i.e. none of the products have any animal content and are not tested on animals either.

I’m going on holiday to the tropics. Does Mosquito + Tick work there too?

Yes it does. Since the mid-90s, a number of extensive field studies with good results have been carried out on tropical mosquitoes that can carry Zika, dengue, malaria, yellow fever and chikungunya fever. These studies form the basis of our registration with the Chemicals Inspectorate.

Is it okay to use Wash+Laundry Multi-use when washing wool clothes?

Yes, it does as long as you hand wash the garment. Wash+Laundry contains neither enzymes nor bleach.

What does it mean that all products are easily biodegradable?

Biodegradability is a product’s ability to be broken down into carbon dioxide and minerals, with the help of friendly little microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, algae) that manage the decomposition process.

The products have a degradation time in nature of around 28 days. During these 28 days, critical amounts do not have time to accumulate and negatively affect nature. It’s said that a product can be easily degraded if it can be taken up if it were to end up in nature, and if it has no negative impact on water or aquatic organisms. If a product can return to nature and does not affect it negatively, the product can therefore be said to be easy to break down. And the faster it breaks down, the better!

Our products are durable and can be used in small quantities. If you as a user want to be even more careful, we can recommend pouring used water into the ground some distance from the water source so that the water is filtered through the soil or avoid using it directly in stagnant water.

Why does the washing up liquid turn white/cloudy?

The washing up liquid can turn white/cloudy when exposed to cold, but clears up as soon as it allowed to stand in room temperature. The product does not lose its function and can be used fine even when it’s white/cloudy.

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