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The feeling of a fresh dip in saltwater, and freshly washed hair or a moment of relaxation washing dishes outdoors is unbeatable. Sjö&Hav is all about enjoying nature without leaving any traces. We cherish the well-being that outdoor living provides, and the joy of spending time with people and places we love. Our products are adapted for both freshwater and saltwater usage. They are uniquely developed by us and manufactured in Sweden for natural Scandinavian conditions. 

No soap, shampoo or detergent is in any way good for the environment, so we have developed a series of products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Biodegradable quality products suitable for outdoor use, so that you can experience nature without leaving any human traces. 

Spending time outdoors, there is a need to wash and keep equipment clean, even when living in simpler conditions such as in the forest, in the mountains or at the coast. We want you to be able to use uniquely adapted soap, shampoo and detergent, as clean and comfortable as possible without unnecessary additives. 

We hope that you use the products responsibly to create as little impact as possible on our sensitive environment. In collaboration with Swedish chemists, we develop products that meet the requirements of known environmental labels, EU directives and current debate. 

Sjö&Hav was founded when we felt that the perfect products were missing that would suit our simple island lifestyle in the Stockholm archipelago. In the summer of 2004, we changed that when we launched our saltwater soap. It became an immediate success among boaters and islanders along Sweden’s long coastline. 

Since then we have developed our range of unique products for outdoor use for body care and general cleaning. Our vision is to constantly develop our products and the organization towards sustainable goals and to prioritize the environment in all our decisions.

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