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Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care creates products for a pure and natural experience at the coast, in the forest or up in the mountains. Our products are biodegradable and manufactured in Sweden for natural Scandinavian conditions.

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  • Outdoor Soap Bar

    12.95 EUR

  • Mosquito & tick repellent spray

    13.95 EUR

  • Outdoor Soap

    9.50 EUR

  • Outdoor Wash Hair + Body

    9.20 EUR

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A short story about Sjö&Hav

A short story about us and the Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care products. Why we exist and how the brand came to life.

What do consumers say?

“We tested Sjö&Hav and it worked really well” 

Sometimes consumers get in touch with us and tell us how satisfied they are, and sometimes they are surprised at how effective the mosquito repellent is. Magnus, from the Råneå river valley in Sweden, is one of them. A mosquito repellent test performed by the independent test company, Testfakta, can also confirm the effectiveness of our DEET-free product with origins from genuine organic lemon eucalyptus oil.

Our environmental work

Bring the bathroom out into nature

No soap, shampoo or mosquito repellent can be directly good or beneficial to the environment. At the same time, we know from our own experience that there is a need for people to wash even when they live in nature under simpler conditions. Therefore, at Sjö&Hav we have developed products that are lovely to use, without unnecessary additives and with as little impact as possible for a sensitive environment. We do what most other brands don’t – instead of taking nature into the bathroom – we take the bathroom out into nature.

The story of Sjö&Hav

Growing up in the summers on a small island in the middle of the Stockholm archipelago, without electricity or fresh running water in the faucets – the morning and evening dip is a natural part of everyday life. We searched but could not find the type of products that we wanted to use, which are comfortable, effective and have as little impact on nature as possible. Therefore, we decided to create them ourselves. There and then, Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care was born.

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